Before making a PR, please run the test suite locally and make sure everything passes.

We have automatic tests on Travis CI, but they take a long time to run and sometimes randomly time out, so it will be much more efficient if you can test locally first.

Running the full test suite

To run the full test suite, run the following command from the root of the repository:

invoke tests

Running selective groups of tests

To run only the tests for the Python code, run:

invoke tests --group=python

To run only the JavaScript tests (e.g. for the notebook extension and the formgrader), run:

invoke tests --group=js

Note that if you are using Python 3, some of the JavaScript tests will expect that JupyterHub is installed. If you don’t want or need to run the JupyterHub tests, you can run the invoke command with --skip=jupyterhub.

Using py.test to run a single test module

If you want to choose an even more specific subset of tests, you should invoke py.test directly. For example, to run only the tests for nbgrader assign:

py.test nbgrader/tests/apps/test_nbgrader_assign.py